About Non medical Transportation

Health Care Revolution LLC allows you to use a car, taxi, bus or other public/private transportation to get to your medical appointment for Medi-Cal-covered services. Health Care Revolution LLC provides mileage reimbursement when transportation is in a private vehicle arranged by the member and not through a transportation broker, bus passes, taxi vouchers or train tickets.

Before getting approval for mileage reimbursement, you must state to Health Care Revolution LLC by phone, by email or in person that you tried to get all other reasonable transportation choices and could not get one. Health Care Revolution LLC allows the lowest cost NMT type that meets your medical needs.

Limits of NMT

There are no limits for receiving NMT to or from medical, dental, mental health and substance use disorder appointments. If the appointment type is covered by Medi-Cal but not through the health plan, your health plan will provide for or help you schedule your transportation.

What does not apply?
NMT does not apply if:

  • An ambulance, litter van, wheelchair van, or other form of NEMT is medically needed to get to a covered service.
  • You need assistance from the driver to and from the residence, vehicle or place of treatment due to a physical or medical condition.
  • The service is not covered by Medi-Cal.

Cost to member

There is no cost when transportation is authorized by Health Care Revolution LLC

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